Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ayr to Maidens Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sunrise over Doonfoot. South Ayrshire

Greenan Castle (circa 1603)

An old railway cut on the Ayr  to Dunure line.

Dunure Harbour.

Dunure Castle (circa 1250)

A kind farmer leaves a track for walkers.

Improvised bridge over a swollen burn.

Culzean castle with Ailsa Craig.

Peregrine falcon.

Culzean Castle (circa 1770)
Today Tuesday February 8 2011 saw me up early and away out for a shore walk utilising some of the Clyde Coastal Path.(CCP) First I passed Greenan Castle and made my way out passed Butlins Holiday Park now known as Craig Tara. As I walked by the cliffs at the Heads of Ayr a Peregrine Falcon was not too happy to see me and gave me a wonderful vocal display of his displeasure. The paths then goes inland a bit and takes you up onto the old railway line that once went from Ayr to Dunure in my lifetime, prior to that it ran all the way to Turnberry Hotel. It must have been a wonderful journey as the scenery on this part of the coastline is quite exceptional. Now the CCP goes over farmland where the farmers have left borders around the fields to allow walkers to pass through. This part was very wet underfoot as we had 23mm of rain on Sunday night and lots of new streams seem to have appeared. Now back down onto the shore where lots of Shelduck were roosting .This part has a couple of streams to cross which were not easy as they were in full spate. Luckily the tide was fairly well out so I was able to get across down near the waterline.Arriving in the village of Dunure I sat down in a sheltered spot at the harbour for a coffee and watched birds flying around for a while and recovered from the first part of the walk which is quite difficult on the wet rocks. Leaving the village behind the CCP goes uphill and onto more farmers fields with wonderful views over a snowcapped Island of Arran.Once clear of the fields you drop down onto Croy Shore for a 2 mile coast walk along to Culzean Castle which in this stretch is fully visible and gives you a goal to set your sites on. Arriving at the castle it is wonderful as there is no one about and you can explore all the little corners that you are not normally allowed into. On now back down to the shore and a pleasant walk through the caravan site known locally as Dunabies where my folks once had a van 40 years ago so lots of memories as I pass.Arriving in the village of Maidens I had my lunch on one of the picnic tables provided and remembered what a busy wee harbour it used to be. Today there are a few boats tied up but no fish is landed here anymore. Stagecoach bus from Stranraer duly arrives and courtesy of the free bus pass I find myself back in Ayr. A great walk on a winters day with my thanks and appreciation to today's company by that I mean the wildlife.

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  1. A lovely walk Gordon.
    It would be great to see the railways started up again.There's hundreds of miles of old railway tracks that wouldn't take a lot of work to get them back in service.It's a pipe dream of course.