Sunday, 26 May 2013

South Ayrshire Ramblers .Inverkip circular. May 2013

Double click this picture to see Scotland at it's best.

Today's happy group.
Yesterday Saturday May 25th I joined up with South Ayrshire for their 8 mile walk from Lunderston Bay on the Firth of Clyde to Inverkip and then up onto Leapmoor Forest with it's panoramic views of the Arrochar Alps. I as is normal travelled by bus from Ayr to the start ,this is where the long story begins but in true blog terms I will not bore you with the details except to say it was my own stupid fault. I finally caught up with the group above Daff Glen and enjoyed their company through Leapmoor Forest. Next time Mr Leader I will listen to your directions more carefully and promise not to cause you any more stress in the future.

Family holiday at Center Parcs, Penrith

What a wonderful way to travel

Only bikes allowed in the park.

We saw a few.

Happy families comes to mind.

Plent of maps to help you get around

He smiled for a week.

Inside the tropical garden

A life on the ocean waves

He preferred dry land

and then was persuaded to get on with Mum.
Great time at Center Parcs nr. Penrith it really is a holiday park for kids but there was plenty of adult entertainment in the evening. Weather was fair and it was our first family holiday for quite a long time, we are already thinking about re-booking for next year.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cunninghame Ramblers .Darvel circular. May 2013

He was pleased to see us

as they all know the walkers have food for them.

Which way do we go now??

I know it is this way. Do as you are told!!

Lovely display of tulips in this cottage.

Group at a view point. (including little old me)

Our leader.
Today Sunday I joined Cunninghame ramblers for a 5 mile walk high above the town of Darvel. 11of us set off through Lanfine Estate on a calm cloudy morning before we climbed to some lovely wooded area that took us  up towards the TV mast that serves the local area.When we were having our lunch stop we were treated to a greater spotted woodpecker rattling away on a tree right above us,this was my first ever experience of seeing and hearing it at the same time. This was a short 5 mile walk finishing back in Darvel where 5 of the walkers decided to extend their day by climbing Loudon Hill. I decided I could climb it with relative ease my problem is still coming down steep slippy slopes so I decided not to bother today. Excellent walk to parts of the estate I had not visited before ,thanks to all involved.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dailly circular .May 2013

Sequoiadendron Giganteum (the tree)

More commonly known as a Sequoia.
Today Wednesday the teacher and I made our way from Dailly village on a pleasant sunny morning to walk round the Bargany Estate. This is a walk I did last week with ADRC and as I enjoyed so much decided to repeat it today. Unfortunately the azelia bushes for which the estate is renowned for were past their best probably due to the recent high winds and cold temperatures. We did take a wrong turning on a couple of occasions but that actually added to the enjoyment of our day out which we both agreed was a super walk, one which could be used in the future for some of the other groups we are both involved with.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Newton Stewart Walking Festival. Glenapp circular. May 2013

Arriving at Glenapp Church.

We had an unusual minister today!

Detailing the views over Loch Ryan

Inside the world war 2 gun turrets.

Group at the taxing stone.
Lunch high above the loch.

Today's small group.
Yesterday Saturday May 11th as part of the annual Newton Stewart Walking Festival the teacher and myself were asked by the organisers if we would lead a group round the Glenapp hills.So on a blustery day we met 6 walkers who were bussed from Newton Stewart to our start point at Finnarts Bay where we introduced ourselves and the teacher explained our 7 mile  route today and the different things we hoped to see. Setting off along a forestry road it was not long before we came to our first stop,Glenapp Church where we had been very kindly granted permission to go inside and admire the wonderful interior of this small quaint church complete with it's stained glass windows in memory of the aviator Elsie Mackay.The teacher gave the group a brief insight into her life which had been tragically brought to an end in 1928 trying to fly to America over the Atlantic Ocean.Leaving the church we climbed up onto the top of Laight Moor with it's panoramic views of Loch Ryan and the Irish Sea. As we walked over the moor we again had several stops to enable the teacher to tell the group the very important part that this area had played during the second world war. Once at the old gun turrets and the taxing stone (if you click onto this link you will be directed to a very well presented blog prepared by my good friend and colleague the Newton Stewart Blogger )Now back in Cainryan the group thanked us both for our contribution to the festival and  the bus collected them for their journey back to Newton Stewart.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cunninghame ramblers. River Ayr linear walk to Catrine. May 2013

Group briefing.

Coffee stop

Kilmarnock rocket complete with new cap.

The photo says it all.

She said the hills keep getting steeper!

We passed Sorn on our walk.

Possibly put there by the local school children.

Sorn Castle.

Forgot to take the leader's photo so here is one I took earlier.
Yesterday Tuesday May 7th I joined Cunninghame Ramblers on a 9 mile walk along the River Ayr Way from Greenock Bridge which is about 2 miles from Muirkirk to Catrine.16 of us set off on a glorious sunny morning which we found out later was the warmest day of the year along a very well constructed path by the river where we found a perfect little area for a coffee break. This was not a particularly difficult walk, it had it's little ups and downs to keep us all entertained. Lunch was taken near to the village of Sorn where the council have built a beautiful walk way through the woods high above the village so walkers can enyoy an aerial view of the local countryside. Rejoining the river path we passed Sorn Castle  which looked more like a very grand house standing in it's own large grounds. Arriving at Catrine the leader was thanked for all her hard work in organising today's linear walk as all leaders will know these walks are the hardest to organise. Super day to be out and about and I hope to see you all again soon.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

ADRC. Dailly to Bargany Estates. May 2013

Two of ARDC's finest. (sorry about the pole!)

What on earth do I do with this?

Ah that's better. (today's leader)

Entering the walled garden

with it's lovely azelias.

more of the same.

coffee stop.

Today's group in the sunshine.

the old boathouse on the pond.

This plant was growing at the edge of the pond.

Lysichiton Americanus. (Skunk cabbage)

Carpets of bluebells were starting to emerge.

Bargany House.
Yesterday Saturday May 4th I met the group at Dailly to do an 8 mile walk through parts of Bargany House estate finishing up on one of the local trails at Kilgrammie.22 of us left the village square on a cool sunny morning and headed to Brunston Castle golf course with a path leading to Bargany House which is only open to the public on the month of May which is rather disappointing as there are many woodalnd walks to be found here. Our leader today was the lass frae Girvan who used to visit this area regularly in here earlier life and had a wealth of knowledge about previous owners and on the ways they managed the estate. The colours of the azelias at this time of year were superb and it is one of the plants that the estate is famed for.After a jovial lunch stop we headed up some tracks to join the Kilgrammie trail back to the village to end this most pleasant walk in South Ayrshire.Thanks to the lass frae Girvan for all the hard work she and her colleagues put into this walk to work out a safe route for the group.