Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cunninghame Ramblers . Cairn Kinney from Glespin July 2012

Preparing for the "Off"

Trust him to find a friend as soon as we started.

2 foals were enjoying the sunshine.

Elevenses at the bridge.

Duneaton Water.

We were able to cross the shoogly bridge.

Steep climb up to the cairn.

Group on top of Cairn Kinney(493M)

Mr and Mrs Walk leaders.
Today Tuesday July 31st Cunninghame Ramblers travelled to the vilage of Glespin in Lanarkshire to do an 11 mile walk on roads and paths to Cairn Kinney. (493M) It was a beautiful sunny morning as 14 of us set off along some lovely country roads with all the local farmers cutting and removing the silage from the fields before the forecasted rain of tomorrow.A good pace was set on the first part of the walk on a hard road with the Kilmarnock Rocket at the front as usual recovering from a bronchial infection ( He is back in top form) .After 4  miles we went over the Duneaton Water to a track which took the walkers to the summit. (Well nearly all the walkers, minus one who had injured her knee and felt the climb was too much for her) No names are ever mentioned least to say we were not our usual colourful group !!Lunch on the top with amazing views south to the Lowther Hills and beyond. We took the same route back to the start and as we walked along the road we were able to see the hills to our north right over to TINTO HILL which caused a minor disagreement between two of our group one rambler claiming the hill we could see was Nutberry and not Tinto. (Tinto won by 10 miles.)Once back at the cars our leaders were thanked for a superb walk in what can only be described as the ideal walking weather ,warm temperatures with a slight breeze just enough to keep the midges away. Wonderful day. Thanks.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

ADRC Auchinleck Estate. July 2012

Leaders walk briefing.

Crossing the Lugar Water.

Passing through some nosey cows!

Some of us had to breathe in to get through this gate.

Tree lined avenue into Auchinleck Estate.

Entering the estate.

This Ayrshire bull was not a happy chappie.

The sun eventually came out.

So did the midges.

Lots of fences to be crossed today.

Remains of the original Auchinleck House. (circa 1612)

A wee round house carved into the rock.

Today's group.

On the steps of the house.

Wee wuman frae Dalrymple,the pilot and the farmer were today's excellent leaders.(Well done )
Ayr and District Ramblers met at the gates of Auchinleck House on a drizzly dreich morning to do a 7 mile walk around the grounds of this estate located in East Ayrshire.23 of us set off over the River Lugar and along some very muddy wet tracks until we came to a little bridge with the most amazing drop into a gorge on the River Dipple. Next was a hairy path to Wallace's cave  that had to be walked very carefully as there were huge drops on one side into a gorge.The cave had some magnificent carvings on the roof and our leader was able to give us a brief history of this area.Lunch was taken in the sunshine between the intermittent showers before moving onto the big house which has been converted into holiday apartments.A lovely stroll down the tree lined avenue took us back to the cars parked beside Ochiltree Bowling Green.
 In the absence of an office bearer I felt it right to propose a big vote of thanks to the farmer who was leading her first ever walk for this group. She had researched the history of the estate and also recced the walk three times to make sure she got it right . Well done again and also your two back markers for giving us a most enjoyable day.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Straiton circular July 2012

Just a short blog on yesterday's walk,the colour co-ordinator and myself met at Dalmellington where we left one car and travelled in the other over to Straiton .This was to be a 13 mile linear walk but due to a wee technical hitch we had to cut it short and return to Straiton using the hard road which reduced our walk to 11 miles. A lovely day in the sunshine and we promised ourselves to return to do our original walk in the very near future.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wigtownshire Ramblers.Ness Glen circular. July 2012

A very calm Loch Doon.

The majority of today's group arrived by mini bus.

One of the estate's holiday cottages.

The leader explaining some of the history of Craigengillan House.

Today's leader (is he in pain?)
Today Saturday July 21st I met my mother group at Loch Doon on a calm cloudy morning for a 7 mile circular walk up Big Hill of Glenmount and returning via Ness Glen. As the now infamous blogger from Newton Stewart was our leader I am going to cheat a wee bit and leave it to him to produce the blog for today's walk least to say it did not go according to his well rehearsed plan.Two of todays walkers had to return to the start early to try and locate a member who had gone AWOL no prizes for guessing correctly who it was but once again alls well that ends well he was found safe and sound some way off from the intended route.Another good day with this group who were visiting the area for the first time. Thanks J.D.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cairnsmore of Fleet. July 2012

Airmen's memorial.

I made it to the summit.
Today the teacher and myself were given the opportunity of a last minute lift to Newton Stewart  (home of the blogger) so as we never miss a chance for a good walk off we went on a cloudy calm morning to climb Cairnsmore of Fleet (711M). With a few midges about we went up by the tourist route in less than 2 hours proving I am back to full fitness after my wee accident last week. (I fell off my bike!!)Lunch at the top admiring the views which included the Isle of Man we set off  back down to complete the climb in under 4 hours which is not bad for us considering we are both pensioners. Car  to Girvan and the bus back to Ayr to end another wonderful day out on a hill I personally have not climbed for over two years.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recce No.3 for ADRC. Straiton to Dalmellington. July 2012

Slightly confusing way marker.

Dalmellington's contribution to the Jubilee.

At the summit of Auchenroy.
Today the colour co-ordinator and myself went to Dalmellington to climb Auchenroy Hill and complete a recce I am doing for a future walk for Ayr and District Ramblers. My fellow blogger (the Newton Stewart one) did an excellent blog of this hill back in May 2012.Today was a wee bit cloudy but mild and dry as we set off through Craigengillan Estate past the home farm to the base of Auchenroy. This is the part of the walk I have found difficult in my previous two recces so I was determined to crack it today. Picking up a quad bike track we slowly made our way up the hill until the track disappeared in the undergrowth and it became a wee bit difficult. Anyway we made it up but once on the summit another route became visible to us so we followed this route and both agreed this was the way to take a group as we kept our height and missed out all the tussocks that had caused us the problems on the way up.Safely back at the forest we decided to extend our walk along some paths but once we were deep in the forest the flies and midges decided to annoy the hell out of us so we gave that idea up and got back onto open moorland and  a slight breeze kept the little blighters at bay. In the estate we took the path which takes you up past the back of  Bellsbank before arriving  in Dalmellington where we stopped for a seat at the new memorial to the Queen's Jubilee. We covered 12 miles today in dry conditions and  thanks to my walking partner who helped me complete the final part of the recce to enable me to submit the walk to the planning committee for their approval to include in the winter programme.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Our grandsons July 2012

"I am still the taller of the two of us"
Anne and I had the two of them today as playgroups are all on holiday at present. Great time was had by all and now it is 7.00 at night we are  off to feed the ducks on the River Doon before bathtime for the kids followed by a doovie movie.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

ADRC Awful Hand range of hills. July 2012

Preparing for walk.

Midges were out in force.

Morning coffee at Shalloch on Minnoch.

One of the many steep ascents.

A very distant Knockdolian

Lunch on Kirriereoch.

Now we had to climb up this lot!!

A small lizard enjoying the sunshine.

The Awful Hand group.

The two groups met on the Merrick.

The back marker.

Our walk leader.
Today Saturday July 14th the walk was described in the programme as an "A+" grade.We all knew before we started this was going to be a wee toughie.The title of the walk was The Awful Hand Range of hills as from a distance you can see the fingers of a hand if you use your imagination.16 of us met in a lay- by just past the Stinchar Bridge on a still cloudy morning which brought the dreaded midges out in force so we did not hang about and set off for Shalloch on Minnoch ( 768M) which was the first of today's 4 hills. A wee bit boggie underfoot it was not long before we were into our stride and after a good hour climbing we were all on the summit , shortly we were away again to Tarfessock (786M) there was not a lot of time for refreshments as we still had 3 more climbs to do . Next was an extremely steep one called Kirriereoch (786M) which was best climbed on your hands and knees or as it is sometimes described "mild scrambling". We were allowed a quick break here for some welcome refreshments before tackling the Little Spear which is a hard climb to the summit of the Merrick(843M) where we met up with 8 other members of Ayr and District Ramblers who under the leadership of Madam Vice had opted to an alternative walk up  on the tourist route.Once we all admired the wonderful views we made our way down over Benyellery back to the car park where our leader had arranged transport back to the start.
  An excellent 11 mile hard linear walk with a big thank you to our leader and his back marker for making all the arrangements, a most memorable day in the hills of South Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Carrick Hills circular. July 2012

My two walking colleagues.
Today Wednesday July 11th the colour co-ordinator and myself were very honoured with a visit from the Stranraer farmer whose car was in a local garage in Ayr to be serviced. (that is another story that you don't want to know about)As he had not walked the Carrick hills before I got an opportunity to tell him  all my storys from this area again as when I walk with other groups they all moan at me as they have heard them  before. We only did 9 miles today as we had to get back to Ayr to collect said car so we walked to Dunure along the shore in what can only be described as a stunning sunny morning with wonderful clear visibility south and west,to the north we could see the rain clouds but they never threatened us. Up past Fisherton school ,lunch at the Brown Carrick trig point before coming down to get the bus back to the car at the Bracken Bay caravan site. Super days walking all in glorious sunshine now when was the last time I said that?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Maybole circular with two new wee twists. July 2012

At the trig point on Craigfin (227M)
Just a brief posting today Tuesday July 10th as this is a walk I have blogged many times in the past. I met the groups colour co-ordinator, the teacher and a new guest today "Miss teacher" who is on holiday from the classroom at present . Leaving Maybole baths car park we headed over the normal route passed the monument on the hill until we crossed the style at the road. Here we turned right to High Burncross and Altewan farms to look for a track which was clearly marked on the map. Alas they did not mention mud and fences this is not a route to be taken particularly if it is wet the going was a wee bit challenging to say the least. Once back on the right road we went up to the gate which takes you through a boggy track to the murder plaque. Here it was my suggestion to avoid this area we would go up Craigdon and over the hill to meet up with the path at the top. Well the grass was quite long and extremely wet but wonderful views of the Clyde from the summit. After lunch we rejoined the normal track over Craigfin and back to Maybole. Considering it was a wee bit drizzly when we started we were lucky it soon dried off and  all enjoyed this 8 mile walk which with our new wee twists changed it completely from the normal route.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wigtownshire ramblers. Barony Hill by Dailly. July 2012

Leader explaining today's route.

Group at summit of Barony Hill. (319M)
Today Saturday July 7 I  joined my mother group for an 8 mile walk up Barony Hill near to the South Ayrshire village of Dailly. 19 of us left the village square on a mild cloudy morning to the path through Lindsaystone woods to take us up to  Barony Hill. Again this week the blog is very brief as my good friend the Newton Stewart Blogger was with us he will be publishing a very full and professional blog of todays walk. (Thanks J.D.) Lunch was taken at the old limestone quarry before dropping down throught the woods to a path along the river Girvan back to the village. A super days walk in dry weather which made a wonderful change to all the wet days we have experienced recently. Big thanks to the teacher who was our leader today and also the back marker who carried out his duties admirably with only a wee hint of moans about the slow pace of which he is not normally associated with.