Saturday, 19 February 2011

Outing with RSPB at Doonfoot shore.Saturday 19 February 2011

A bit of an unusual one for me today as opposed to going on a ramble I joined members of the RSPB on a walk to look for birdlife. What I enjoy is going out with experts and seeing birds that either I did not recognise or they were too far away for me to pick out with my binoculars. Thanks to a members scope we were treated to some rare views of some species which were not too familiar to me. We started with a large flock of curlews roosting in a field. Then a sparrowhawk hunting in the same field and as we watched he swooped and dived until he caught his breakfast probably an ordinary hedge sparrow. Next was a small flock of tree sparrows which are quite different to a hedge sparrow and fairly rare to this part of the coast again it was the experts that did the spotting.Reed buntings were in a bush next to an old house and were not too bothered with the human intrusion and we spent some time just watching them. Yellowhammer were also seen at this time. Further up the coast towards Greenan Castle we saw a twite in a tree with some other birds mainly sparrows and again I would have missed that sighting had it not been for my fellow twitchers. Pleasant morning in a cold easterly wind made it  a different walk to what I normally do here are some photos of the birds we saw and I hasten to add I cannot take the credit for them as I have imported them for the purpose of this blog.
Reed Bunting
Tree Sparrow

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