Monday, 11 April 2011

South Ayrshire ramblers to Lochwinnoch. (Correction LARGS)

This is the most unusual blog I have ever written mainly because there are no photographs and the reason is I have to protect the rambler involved or else I might get sued. Lets start at the beginning 12 of us met at Prestwick yesterday morning and the walk leader issued us with detailed instructions on how to get to the walk start which was on the Lochwinnoch to Kilmalcolm road. So far so good. Off we went in the various cars and I was in one being driven by a lovely lady who I once had the privilege of working with in the same quarry company. As we headed for Kilwinning we were following a well known rambler and from my back seat in the car suggested we follow him as he had already stated he knew where he was going. We safely made it to Kilwinning and then onto Dalry where we took the road for Kilbirnie. Not for me to question this as I am in the back seat of the car following. Before we arrived in the the metropolis of downtown Kilbirnie we swung left to look at the beautiful North Ayrshire countryside. I thought this a strange way but as we were going through parts of the county not normally inhabited by man this was turning out to be an expedition. Well we finished up on the main road to Largs going in the opposite direction of the walk and again who am I to criticise from the back seat. I did mention to our driver perhaps we were going on the wrong road but she was sure the driver in front knew a shortcut that had fooled everyone else including the walk leader who by this time must have arrived at the walk start. Well we finally descended the Healy Brae into Largs at great speed when in the town he finally stopped and as I have a basic local knowledge of the area I got out and told the said driver "this is Largs not Lochwinnoch". His reply was not coherant enough to print but I think you will have got the general idea of what he was trying to convey to me in a nice quiet street of this lovely coastal town. Of course it was not his fault that we finished up where we did his good lady was in the front seat navigating so again little guessing is needed as to whose fault it was.You would have thought she could read a piece of paper for goodness sake.(PS I did not make that comment) Well what to do now we asked ourseves when I suggested as we were all out and about on a wonderfully sunny morning lets park at Largs Academy and go up onto Girtley Hill high above the Clyde. So from looking forward to a new walk in an area I did not know I finished up leading a walk in area very familiar to me. Well that is the wonderful thing about being a versatile rambler you never know where you will finish up and one must adapt to the situation. My thanks to the "Magnificent Seven" for making the day a very memorable one and I guess one which a certain rambler may wish to forget. HA HA

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