Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day Two on Arran

Glenashdale Falls. Whiting Bay.
Second day saw me up nice and early to catch the bus  back to Catacol to do a recce for ADRC walk in October 2011 to see the deer rutting. The walk takes you up through Glen Catacol and over to Lochranza Distillery a distance of about 10 miles. The bus dropped me off at the start and then the wind rain and hailstones came on big style. I sheltered for some time and eventually decided to abort my plans and head off back to Brodick on the bus. Walking in these conditions on your own has never really appealed to me. Once back at the house I found the local bus time table and discovered a service to Whiting Bay. Many years ago my wifes parents had a house there so off I went to low level pastures to try and keep out the wind. Once there I climbed up to Glenashdale Falls which again given the recent rain were to say the least quite spectacular. On my descent I walked right through the village and my thoughts were that nothing basically has changed all the buildings and houses are the same except the locals have got older looking. They probably thought I had aged too!! In the evening we went up to the Sannox Hotel for dinner and except for my sister falling on the floor twice it was a great night.( Nothing to do with the wine) Back to the house and a two mile walk around the village before I turned in for a good nights sleep.

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