Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cunninghame ramblers . Lugar Circular June 2011

We started here today.

Auchinleck to Lugar was the route.

We passed James Keir Hardies House in Cumnock.

The magnificent Lugar Viaduct (circa 1850)

Plaque to commemorate the viaducts 160th anniversary.

This was true pig's swill!

Even the geese got in on the act.

Ramblers at lunch in Cumnock.

Our younger ramblers had to have a go.

Now the kids show us how it should be done!

A rambling farmer on the sky ride.

A very well laid out woodland.

Which has won awards for it's creative wood sculptures.

Tree lined avenue to Dumfries House.

Today's happy walkers.
Yesterday on a lovely sunny windy day I ventured off to Auchinleck for an 8 mile circular walk through Lugar and Cumnock in the company of The Cunninghame Ramblers Group.Also with us today was one of my fellow members of Stranraer and Wigtown Group who I will refer to as the "farmer".Setting off from Tescos car park we joined a nice forest track which took us to Cumnock and the Glenmuir Water sometimes referred to as the Water of Lugar.We stopped to admire the Great Lugar Viaduct built in 1650 what a wonderful example of 19th century engineeering.Arriving in Lugar we then went through some lovely farmland and woods which took us back through the viaduct on the far side from where we had walked earlier. Lunch was taken at the play park in Cumnock and several of the walkers had to try out the various swings and sky rides designed for children and enjoyed by the over sixties. The farmer had a go on the sky ride and found it a wee bit painful in his lower regions. We will not go into the finer details  least to say we will keep that for another day (perhaps the Christmas Party?)After all the fun we headed off to the grounds of Dumfries House which a certain Royal Prince has had a lot do with recently. The roads through the grounds are very well kept with all the different breeds of cows and bulls in their seperate fields. Our rambling farmer was able to tell us all the varying kinds and pedigrees which was very interesting. Arriving at the North end of Auchinleck we had a road  walk of about 1 mile to take us back to our start point. A great walk full of interesting local history which I had never appreciated even though I have driven through this area on many occassions in the past. Thanks to the walk leader and  also the group for allowing me and the farmer to join them today.

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  1. Good walk Gordon.Now there's a coincidence,I'm heading for Cumnock tomorrow.
    The farmer's finding it hard to get weekends off these days.He's done the last three recce's though.