Friday, 26 August 2011

Visit to Dundee and Perth. Friday August 26 2011

These "Gordons "fair get about.

Royal Research Ship Discovery.

She is berthed here in Dundee.

The museum.

The Tay rail bridge with the pillars of the one that fell down.

"Desperate Dan" well it is the home of D.C.Thomson.

The Caird hall.

Dundonians are very clever to be able to read upside down.

This has to be the poshest Ladbrokes in the country!

Perth grandson was the main reason for our visit.
Anne and I had to collect our grandson from Perth to bring him to Ayr for the weekend so armed with the trusty bus passes we decided to make a day of it and incorporate a visit to Dundee to see the Royal Research ship "Discovery" which is berthed near to the city centre.I always promised myself a visit here since I retired 2 years ago and it is only now I have found the time to do it. It was very interesting with lots of information about it  available on their web page. We had a very pleasant walk up the river Tay towards the rail bridge where we had our lunch break on a bench overlooking the water. None of these fancy resturants for us. A visit through the city with the usual visit to M&S we made our way to the bus station to catch our bus to Perth. That was entertaining to say the least we had a wonderful thunder and lightning storm on the main road alongside the river fairly brightened up the journey. (boom boom). Picked the wee one up from his nursery and started on our way home via Glasgow to Ayr. A most successful day out and thanks again to the Scottish Government for their help in financing our wee trips yet again.

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  1. I got my first made to measure suit in Dundee where 'Aye' becomes 'Eh'.
    The fallen down one is the one of McGonagall's
    'Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay'.
    The train from Springfield to Dundee was a childhood treat,but sometimes we'd get a faster train that only stopped at Cupar,and if we'd spent up a three mile walk was a long way for us kids.
    Bus passes rule ok