Sunday, 4 September 2011

ADRC to Cairnkinna in the Scaur Valley. September 2011

Morning briefing with Madam Vice.

Holiday cottage of a well known actress. (also of Ghurka fame) 

Scaur Valley.

Soon we are well spread out.

Me at the summit of Cairnkinna (554M)

Now it is the groups turn.

Looking down on the old fort.

Cortinarius Rubellus fungi. (What did you think it was?)

Lunch stop at the earthworks or roman fort.

Chairperson was todays walk leader.

Ably assisted by Madam Vice.
Today Sunday September 4 ADRC travelled far into the Scaur Valley to do a 6 mile circular grade "B" walk to Cairnkinna. Starting off from the Woodend Cottage road end (PS that is the cottage owned by the famous actress)20 of us made our way up Woodend Craig(488M) on a very pleasant sunny morning. That is 2 days in a row I have walked without getting wet.Is this a record I hear you ask?Once over the first hill it was onto Cairnkinna (554M)with its wonderful large cairn which our leader informed us is the second largest in the South West of Scotland (Carlins cairn has the record). Wonderful views today of the surrounding hills and valleys a real pleasure to be out on such a pleasant day.Following a path down a steep descent we came to an old earthworks beside the Druidhill Burn which was a beautiful spot to have our lunch. From here it was a  2 mile walk along paths back to the cars. Excellent days walking in another part of Southern Scotland we do not often go to. Madam Vice and our Chairperson led todays group, all walkers thanked them both for their joint efforts in planning todays route.

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  1. Looks like another nice walk Gordon,would the actress you're talking of be absolutely fabulous and sparkle like sapphire.