Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cunninghame ramblers. Kilmarnock to Caprington Castle. September 2011

Meeting up in Halfords car park.

Learn something new every day.

Some nice woodland walks today.

Earlston Castle (Circa 1550)

A tree lined avenue!!

Good crop of apples this year in the estate.

Is that a hand popping out?

Caprington Castle(Circa late1700's)

Side elevation.

The walled garden.

Old railway abutment over the river Irvine.

Coming out from the serious undergrowth.

Council covering their liabiliteies here.

Local graffiti on the flyover.

Our walk leader.
Today Wednesday 14 September I joined Cunninghame ramblers on their mid week walk from Kilmarnock to Caprington Castle estate and return by paths alongside  the River Irvine.20 of us set off from Halfords car park on a sunny morning which was a welcome relief from the last two days of high winds and rain. Making our way into the castle estate we crossed over the local golf course which was closed due to flooding we came to Earlston Castle which is just a ruin today with very little history being recorded about it. We stopped for a tea break in some lovely woodland area with the sun shining through the trees.We then made our way to Caprington castle which is a family home today. Lovely grounds with a large walled garden, once we had all pinched an apple we made our way onto a road that led us to the village of Gateshead.From here we went onto muddy tracks down the very fast flowing River Irvine where we had our lunch break again taken in the pleasant autumn sunshine. Now the fun began as we went to a patch of deep undergrowth with nettles up to your shoulders not to mention the beasties who were enjoying a nap on the leaves in the sun. One walker had his shorts on and everyone was concerned he would be stung all over but I can assure bloggers he came out the other end unscathed. Who would wear shorts on a walk like this in September? Answers on a postcard to the author please.Back into the estate it was a short walk  to the cars to end another pleasant outing with this group and thanks  to the walk leader for allowing me to join yet again.


  1. Hi Gordon,
    isn't it time you ditched the shorts.
    Looks like a nice walk.

  2. I've never heard of anyone wearing long pants while hiking, unless it were freezing cold, or else walking through saw grass or something.
    Loved this article. Never knew about Cunninghame Ramblers. How far is Earlton Castle from Capringtom Castle , I wonder?
    -Rev. Jim Cunningham

    1. Just saw your note sir so apologies for the delay in replying. The distance between the two castles is about 3 miles. Thanks for your interest.