Friday, 7 October 2011

Recce for Wigtownshire ramblers. Barony Hill Dailly. October 2011

Today's way markers

Lindsayton Burn

A friendly Clydesdale.

Even the pigs have Sky TV today!

Remains of an old chapel

The teacher on top of Barony Hill (319M)

Dalquharran Castle (circa 1790)

The river Girvan in full spate.
 Today Friday October 7 I went to Dailly to meet up with the teacher to do a final recce for a Wigtownshire ramblers walk due to take place at the end of the month at which he is the leader.Leaving the village on a clear breezy sunny morning it was a real pleasure to be out and about after 2 days of rain and high winds.Walking up the side of the Lindsayton Burn it was very muddy in places until we reached a farm road to take us up to Barony Hill. Lots of styles provided made the going quite easy and it was not long before we were on the summit. From here it was a clearly marked path down to Glengee Woods where we looked for a lunch stop suitable for the group. 3 different spots have been located but a lot depends on the weather on the day of the walk. A very pleasant walk through the woods took us down the the River Girvan and a 2 mile path along the riverside back to Dailly via  the very interesing ruins of Dalquharron Castle. My fellow blogger from Newton Stewart will provide you all with the historical information on the castle as he is an expert in finding out all the local facts on these wonderful monuments of our past.Details will follow on my blog when we do the actual walk. Once we were back in the village the teacher rewarded me with a bottle of his home made rose wine suitably labelled from Girvan. I am assured it is the best of vintage and I look forward to sampling it tomorrow evening. A super day out in the autumn sunshine lets hope we get  a similar day when we take the group on the walk. 


  1. Looking forward to the walk.
    Scoop tells me it's a gem.

  2. It is a gem in the right weather conditions fingers crossed for a guid day.