Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cunninghame Ramblers Barr trails. November 2011

Getting ready in the village of Barr

A hold up whilst we all cross the many styles.

What a lovely day for a hill walk.

This was the nearest I came to a tree lined avenue.

Coffee in the forest.

A lonely rambler on the bridge.

Then he was joined by 22 others.

Lunch at Kirsties Cairn.

We meet some friendly cows with their young.

Walkers looking for "The Devils Footprint"

Todays leader (sorry about the shadow)
Today I met up with Cunninghame Ramblers in the lovely picturesque village of Barr in South Ayrshire for their mid week walk around the Changue forest. This is a walk that I have already bogged when The Right Honourable Secretary of ADRC fame took us here back in January of this year. Links are improving JD (a wee in joke to another blogger) 23 of us left the village on a very bright sunny winters morning with little or no wind to speak of. Climbing up the path we came to Changue forest and went through an area known locally as the fairy knowe. It was beautiful as the sun tried to pierce the canopy of trees with all the different mosses covering the forest floor. Crossing over a couple of streams on bridges presumably provided by the local council to encourage walkers to visit the area.Lunch was taken at Kirsties Cairn which was erected in memory of a local shepherd Christopher McTaggart, more commonly known as Kirstie who perished in the snow in 1913. After our refreshments we had a nice wee climb up through the forest to The Devils Footprint which we think was on top of a hill bordering the path. Several of us climbed the hill but no sign of any footprint supposedly it is in some rock formation but we did not find it. A 2 mile walk back down the hill and tracks brought us back to the the cars parked in the village conveniently next to the loos in the hall which were well patronised mainly by our lady members.Super walk in the sunshine with thanks to the leader and again all members for allowing me to join you it certainly was a day to enjoy the wonderful scenery  this area has to offer. 


  1. Great looking day and walk Gordon and well done with the blogging,you're becoming quite professional.
    I might change my layout next year,it's due a makeover.

  2. The Devil's footprints can be seen at the western end of Craigenrery. Looks as though he's been wearing wellingtons, though given the climate maybe that's only sensible.