Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Byne Hill ,Girvan December 2011

Just a short blog today as I have blogged this hill many times before at Wigtownshire ramblers and also Grey Hill with a twist so I did not take any photos today that would merit another viewing due to the weather. Armed with the trusty bus pass I set off to Girvan to meet up with the teacher who was waiting for a wardrobe to be delivered to his abode.There lies another tale it had not arrived by 11.00AM as the delivery company had stated so I set off from the harbour on my own along the shore past the coffee stall at the south end of the town and then went up past the caravan site ,over the style before I put my body through its paces up Byne Hill at a very quick pace to punish myself for all the abuse I have given it over the last few days. Once on the top the rain started so instead of going on to Grey Hill I went down the path past the Craufurd Monument onto the shore . At this point it started to pour but the wind was at my back so off I went back to the harbour to catch the bus home. Apart from the rain I did enjoy the walk which probably was only about 5 miles but it was a lot better than sitting at home playing with the computer. PS The wardrobe finally arrived at 1.30PM.

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  1. Good on yer Gordon.The more you walk the more you can drink.
    A Blythe Yule an a Guid Hogmanay or in plain english A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.