Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Elite walking group. Maybole to Ayr via the Carrick Hills. December 2011

Leaving Maybole on a slippy road.

Do not know what this is.At one time there was a firing range here.Perhaps it was left behind.

Sanny the shepherd used to bide in here until the 1980's

They have the poles but no skis.

Coffee in the snow.

Brown Carrick aerials.

This ram has a red paint pot strapped to his body. Looking around the fields at the ewes he certainly has been a busy boy.

Todays Elite group.
6 members of the Elite walking group met at Maybole railway station to do a 12 mile walk over the Carrick Hills back to Doonfoot.This is a different approach to the hills one I have not done before. On a fairly clear snowy morning we made our way up the Garden Rose hill to leave the town behind and enter into open countryside. One of todays group was born and brought up on a farm here so her local knowledge was very helpful and to hear her tales of  life as a  child waiting at the corner for the taxi to take her to the local school. Buses could not get up the hills in this area .From here it was quite soft going in the snow and mud past a disused firing range left over from the war years. Also we were told that the forces built a false air field here with  landing lights to detract the enemy from the  real targets like Prestwick and Turnberry .Once we were up on the hills we took a wrong turning off the Carrick Way as we saw a loch which according to the map should have been on our right hand side but was on our left. We must learn to read maps but we had a great time using the aerials as our navigational aid. Once off the hills we descended down to the Bracken Bay to complete the rest of the walk back on the shore to Doonfoot. We were very fortunate to only have a couple of snow showers today,lots of black clouds were all around us but not overhead. Once at my house 6 of us fitted into the Volvo to take us all back to the start at Maybole to collect the other cars. Who sat where and on whose lap will remain confidential all I can say is I drove whilst the back seat was full of merriment and the odd rude comment. Great day out as usual with the  small "Elite" group we really do know how to enjoy ourselves.


  1. Nice one Gordon.
    I did a muddy recce with the Stationmaster yesterday for Saturday,have to do more road walking than I'd planned.
    I recognise the table,but I can't quite remember what it's use was.
    It might have been for ammo distribution,but the radio chart has me flummoxed.It may have been adapted from it's original use.

  2. Yes J.D. I think you are on the right track with your theory. The chart was underneath it was me who stuck it on top.