Thursday, 12 January 2012

ADRC recce to Dalry. North Ayrshire. January 2012

Yesterday Wednesday January 11th I once again  met up with the teacher to do a recce for a forthcoming walk I am leading for ARDC.Well as I have said before all recces do not go smoothly we got into all sorts of bother by taking the wrong paths and saw the same trig point twice. Not bad for two reasonably proficient walkers and this is only a "C" grade walk. Part of this walk I did a while ago with the South Ayrshire Rambling group but it all seemed a little different yesterday. Anyway instead of me rambling (boom boom) on I will only say I am going back again to try and work out a different route as we covered at least 10 miles yesterday a lot of it on muddy fields and hard roads so was not quite suitable for a group walk. No worries though there is a way through this area and I will find it ,perhaps next time I will take a map!. Thanks to the teacher for joining me yesterday who when last seen was bemoaning about the state of his boots and  was completely knackered . Great day out yet again!!!!!!!!!

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