Thursday, 19 January 2012

Culzean Estate to Mochrum Hill.January 2012

The teacher on the summit of Mochrum Hill (270M)

Even I managed to get my picture taken.

This track is for auto cross bikes. Don't know the significance of the shirt,they are supposed to land on the old carpet.

I was tryimg to catch the colour of the sky which was really black against the sea.
Today courtesy of the bus pass I met the teacher at Culzean for a short walk up through Mochrum Woods and onto the summit. It was a clear cold morning when we set off, we soon warmed up with climb to the summit and were rewarded with good views all around this hill. We took a detour away from the normal track to add a bit of mileage to the walk only to find ourselves descending on an auto cross track but fortunately today there were no bikers. We then crossed the road and entered into Culzean Estate via the old railway line on a stretch neither of us had walked before . Eventually we came to the pay gate at the entrance to the castle which is now open throughout the winter so we took to a forest and a very steep embankment to avoid paying any dues. The teacher is a member but I have allowed mine to lapse perhaps with the amount of time I spend there I should really renew it.Lunch at the visitors centre was to be followed by a walk along the cliff paths when the sky turned colour to  a very dark grey we decided to cut  short our walk and make for the main road to catch the earlier bus back to Girvan and Ayr. Probably covered about 5 miles to make this a short winters outing without getting soaked.


  1. Did you consider whistling your way through the pay gate.Might have been worth a try.

  2. I did not whistle at the gate as it might have attracted the wifies attention two wakers were trying to get in for hee haw!!Mind you I did whistle a bit along the old railway track as the teacher seemed to know all about it and its history.