Monday, 16 January 2012

Knockdolian by Ballantrae. January 2012

Today Monday January 16th saw me up early to catch the 6.40AM bus from Ayr to Ballantrae. The real purpose of the visit was to buy this years seed potatoes from the local garden centre which I have found over the years to be of a better quality to the ones you can buy here in Ayr.As I don't like to waste an opportunity for a walk I decided that once the bus had dropped me off at 8.15 I would climb Knockdolian (265M) a hill most of us have climbed at one time or another. It has also been blogged by myself but as usual the supreme blogger from Newton Stewart surpassed himself when he blogged it back in 2010.Today I just walked the road on a cloudy cold morning past Macherquat (pronounced "whit a twat") as he does not allow walkers the right of access through his farm.Once I arrived at the base of the hill my target was to beat 25 minutes to the summit which is my personal record. however today I could only equal it, must be slowing down a bit in my old age. My return journey was by the same route except when I got closer to Ballantrae I went down onto the river path where I was able to watch a grey Heron build a nest in one of the trees he is a bit early but I am sure he thinks it is nearly springtime. Also as I was having my coffee I spotted two pairs of dippers on the water. Earlier I had also seen a fox running over a field and two roe deer doing acrobatics on the farm fences. Once back in the village I bought my potatoes epicures for the earlies and desiree for my main crop if anyone is really interested.Caught the bus back to Ayr to end a another day out courtesyof the bus pass I certainly make use of it. That was Stranraer on Saturday Ballantrae today and tomorrow I am off  to Kirkconnel for a walk with the Cunninghame ramblers all thanks to the Scottish Government.
A Dipper

Grey Heron

A fox.

Roe Deer.

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  1. Maybe it was that extra pint with the old codgers that slowed you down Slew.
    In Cushendall,Antrim in the "Heart of the Glens" festival, they have an annual run up Lurigethan (Lurig). It's usually the second week of August.Suit you to a tee mate.
    Do a Google Images search for 'Lurig Run' and you'll see what I mean.
    I've been up but never done the run.Still time yet !