Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Recce for ADRC . Turnberry to Girvan. February 2012

Preparing the wide drills for the famous "Early Ayrshire Potato"

Then covered in bio-degradable polythene.

Today they use farmyard manure on the fields.In the older times they spread seaweed from the shore but that is now deemed illegal.
Today Tuesday 21st February I travelled by bus to the Maidens and met the teacher to recce the shore walk from Turnberry to Girvan,this is a walk that I have done many times before but today we were going to try and do it at high tide.My walk as leader for Ayr and District Ramblers is on Saturday March 24th when we are going to walk 23 miles from Ayr to Girvan on the Ayrshire Coastal Path. On that day we will be at Turnberry at approximately 1.00PM which coincides with high tide  hence the reason for todays recce. There are a couple of streams which could prove a wee bit difficult to cross depending on the amount of rain we have on the week prior to the walk however after today I have worked out a safe alternative route utilising some farmers fields.Also there is a difficult part beside a couple of the shore cottages where it is very rocky and slippy so again depending  on the tide level on the day we may be able to get through,if not I have another route in mind.Todays tide levels meant that we experienced the most difficult senario so on the day the route should be slightly easier. My thanks once again to the teacher for his assistance today and also for his jovial company we only experienced a couple of showers on our 7 mile walk.

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  1. Cheers for the info.I,ve passed these strips of Crops covered in Poly sheets gleaming in the sun many times.Didn,t know there were Tatties growing under them.