Thursday, 29 March 2012

Elite walkers. Barony Hill ,Dailly. March 2012

Disused quarry on Barony Hill

Limestone was excavated from under the rock.

My fellow walkers at the trig point.

Waiting for a bus!!
Today Thursday 29 March three  of the Elite walkers decided to climb Barony Hill from Dailly one we have done before and the teacher has included in the Wigtown ramblers summer programme. Starting off on a cool misty morning we made our way up the Lindsayston burn to get to the track that took us up the hill. From here we cut across to an an old limestone quarry that we have not visited before. We had to be careful as there is some quite dangerous drops down into excavations that were made under the rock presumably to get at the limestone. When we threw a stone down through the gap it took a wee while until it eventually hit water. Extreme caution will have to be excercised with a group. We now followed the well trodden route down to the river and the pleasant riverside path back to the village to end an 8 mile circualr walk at the site of the old Dalquharran Castle  .

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