Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Two Munros in one day. June 2012

Climbing up Ben Narnain.

Our first summit

Lochs Lomond,Arklet and Katrine were all visible.

You could almost touch the clouds.

Waiting for the bus in Arrochar.
Yesterday Tuesday 12 June in the company of the teacher and the pilot we set off on the 6.45AM bus from Ayr to Glasgow to catch a connection to Arrochar. This is a climb I have done before but I felt very fortunate to have such eloquent colleagues to accompany me today.It was a fairly cloudy dry morning when we set off but there were some promising breaks in the cloud cover so we were hoping it would clear before we got up to Munro level .We decided to go up Ben Narnain (926M) first via the difficult route involving a fair amount of scrambling up the rocky gullys .Once on the summit the cloud cover came in and  some drizzle was about we made our way down to the gate that takes you to the path up Ben Ime(1011M) Compared to the scrambling earlier this was a comparitively easy climb and the weather cleared to be rewarded with extremely clear views which included Ben Nevis towering up away in the North.Returned to Arrochar by the tourist route to end a 10 mile strenuous walk , not bad for three pensioners. 6.00PM bus back to Glasgow and the X77 to Ayr ended a marvellous outing with us all agreeing (including the teacher!)to thank "Wee Eck" and his Scottish Government for their continuing sponsorship of the good old BUS PASS.


  1. You guys are unbelievable.It looks like retirement was the best thing since sliced bread for you.
    Great stuff Slew.

  2. We pensioners have to do these crazy days out to keep us young.Now I have recruited two other pensioners to the delights of day trips further ones are being planned as I type this wee message. Watch this space for updates.