Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cunninghame Ramblers . Cairn Kinney from Glespin July 2012

Preparing for the "Off"

Trust him to find a friend as soon as we started.

2 foals were enjoying the sunshine.

Elevenses at the bridge.

Duneaton Water.

We were able to cross the shoogly bridge.

Steep climb up to the cairn.

Group on top of Cairn Kinney(493M)

Mr and Mrs Walk leaders.
Today Tuesday July 31st Cunninghame Ramblers travelled to the vilage of Glespin in Lanarkshire to do an 11 mile walk on roads and paths to Cairn Kinney. (493M) It was a beautiful sunny morning as 14 of us set off along some lovely country roads with all the local farmers cutting and removing the silage from the fields before the forecasted rain of tomorrow.A good pace was set on the first part of the walk on a hard road with the Kilmarnock Rocket at the front as usual recovering from a bronchial infection ( He is back in top form) .After 4  miles we went over the Duneaton Water to a track which took the walkers to the summit. (Well nearly all the walkers, minus one who had injured her knee and felt the climb was too much for her) No names are ever mentioned least to say we were not our usual colourful group !!Lunch on the top with amazing views south to the Lowther Hills and beyond. We took the same route back to the start and as we walked along the road we were able to see the hills to our north right over to TINTO HILL which caused a minor disagreement between two of our group one rambler claiming the hill we could see was Nutberry and not Tinto. (Tinto won by 10 miles.)Once back at the cars our leaders were thanked for a superb walk in what can only be described as the ideal walking weather ,warm temperatures with a slight breeze just enough to keep the midges away. Wonderful day. Thanks.

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  1. Glad you got a good day Gordon,
    North West for Tinto, but the road back from Cairn Kinney goes North West, so straight over towards Biggar, Tinto looms large (I've dined a couple of times in the Tinto House Hotel) If you were looking to your left along the road you may well have seen Nutberry. Not my argument though, sorry !
    I hope I get good weather in the Mountains of Mourne on Thursday.