Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cunninghame Ramblers. Glenbuck to Muirkirk. October 2012

Totem pole at the entrance to Muirkirk

This is real Covenanter country.

Also famous for it's coal mines

Even Rabbie gets in on the act.

How the colliery once looked.

The start of our walk today.

This sculpture is a wee bit strange

to say the least.

Double click to read about "the legend"

Elevenses on an old railway bridge.

Opencast leaves it's mark on the countryside.

Please Miss may I leave the room

Kaimes community hall.

Perhaps the crisp company are the sponsors.

Our mid week group.

Our leader is such a cheery soul.
Today I caught the bus in Ayr to Muirkirk to meet Cunninghame Ramblers for their mid week walk from Glenbuck to Muirkirk. We met at the entrance of the village to organise cars to take us to the start as today's walk was a 7 mile linear route which always requires sorting out drivers and their passengers so that we had enough cars to transport the drivers back to the start. This was done admirably by our leader who has had lots of experience of sorting groups out, as before she retired she was a school teacher by profession.Our first stop  on this cloudy dry morning was an RSPB hide situated on Glenbuck Loch which is the official start of The River Ayr Walk  where we then took a path down to the old railway line that used to run all the way to Edinburgh. Our leader paused to point out the remains of the local station before we set off along the old line. Various things were pointed out to us including a druid's standing stone but sadly there is little history recorded about it.Our lunch stop was at a bridge known locally as Tibbies Bridge  which spans the Garpel water with it's various plaques telling you a little about this legendry woman. A short walk took us back to the cars to finish a very pleasant day with glorious autumn colours, with thanks  to our leader for a most enjoyable ramble.

A little footnote . The walkers learnt today that one of our regulars is a wee bit poorly at present and is in hospital. If you have an opportunity to read this blog Cathie we all wish you well and a speedy recovery.

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