Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cunninghame ramblers. Tarryholme Pond and shore walk Irvine.October 2012

Perhaps he was once in the navy.

At the start.

Tarryholme Pond,Irvine.

Autumn colours are now appearing.

Our leader's husband is depicted here.

Bridge to the "Big Idea" museum now sadly closed.

Putting the world right in the morning sun.

Striding out along the shore.

The Dragon. (see text)

Group at the dragon.

Our leader.
Today I travelled to Irvine to join Cunninghame ramblers on their short mid week walk around some of the trails around Irvine. 15 of us left from the town centre on a cloudy dry morning to walk to Tarryholme Pond where our rambling twitcher pointed out Pochard and Tufted ducks swimming in the water. A nice  walk alongside the swollen waters of the River Irvine was taken before we crossed the Foulertoun Arches which is a fairly recently completed bridge spanning the river replacing the bailley bridge which was erected in 1971 as a temporary measure!!Passing the maritime museum we stopped to look at The City of Adelaide the world's oldest clipper which older bloggers may recall  was the called the Carrick when it was berthed in the Broomielaw area of Glasgow for many years serving as a club for the RNVR.Today she is ready to be transported to Australia back to her roots but unfortunately some Newcastle shipyard has put a court order on it to prevent her leaving British water, not too sure what it is all about but am sure we will read the final result in the local press.Passing a statue of a gentleman and his horse our leader took great pride in informing us that this was her husband and his trusty steed modelled some years ago when he was a wee bit thinner.Once out on the shore the sun came through as we headed out to The Dragon which is a wonderful stone scupture looking out over Irvine Bay.We finished our 6 mile walk back in the  centre where the leader was thanked by all the group for a most enoyable historical walk in a town she obviously feels very passionate about.

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  1. That bridge looks just like one over in Brisbane Australia.
    Lots of links here Gordon, nice one !