Saturday, 2 February 2013

February 2013 update.

Greenan Castle.
Sorry I have not blogged for sometime but as a lot of you know a broken leg will heal in it's own time and there is no real way you can speed up nature.Today Saturday February 2nd I woke up to the most magnificent blue sky with little touch of frost on the ground. After a couple of bad days this week I decided there is no way I was going to miss out on such a fine day. Well wrapped up I headed firstly to the shore ably assisted by one crutch before taking the path up to Greenan Castle which has several swathes of flowering snowdrops beneath the hedgerows. Once at the castle the view to the north was of a snow capped Ben Lomond (974M) and also visible was Stob Binnean (1165M) to the south the whole of the island of Arran made this just a wonderful place to be .As I ventured along the path Craig Tara holiday park was a hive of activity as the contractors were preparing for the forthcoming season. Turning inland I was sheltered from the northerly breeze and could feel a little heat from the sun on my face made my thoughts turn to spring when hopefully I will be able to climb the Carrick Hills which at this point were directly in front of me looking very inviting indeed. Passing the recently renovated High Greenan House commanding wonderful views of the local countryside and the town of Ayr located down on the shore I reached the main Dunure Road and made my way to the new Co-Operative store to buy my morning paper when I noticed they were selling whole Gressingham duck cheap (as opposed to quack)  they were approching their sell by date. Arriving home after about 2 miles armed with the duck Anne and I are now looking forward to a nice Saturday evening dinner with a bottle of wine.To complete the perfect day all we need now is for Scotland to beat England in the 6 Nations rugby cup later on this afternoon.
 In conclusion it will still be a few weeks before I will be fit enough to go an a "C" grade walk but each day makes me more determined than ever to get back out on the hills to start enjoying the fellowship of my rambling groups once again.


  1. Well done Gordon and well done with the duck (I might have told you the story of how I went fishing and came home with a rabbit and a duck......I knew the gamekeeper)
    Shame about the rugby though.

  2. Great to see you are building up the miles Gordon. Hope to see you on a c walk fairly soon.