Sunday, 5 May 2013

ADRC. Dailly to Bargany Estates. May 2013

Two of ARDC's finest. (sorry about the pole!)

What on earth do I do with this?

Ah that's better. (today's leader)

Entering the walled garden

with it's lovely azelias.

more of the same.

coffee stop.

Today's group in the sunshine.

the old boathouse on the pond.

This plant was growing at the edge of the pond.

Lysichiton Americanus. (Skunk cabbage)

Carpets of bluebells were starting to emerge.

Bargany House.
Yesterday Saturday May 4th I met the group at Dailly to do an 8 mile walk through parts of Bargany House estate finishing up on one of the local trails at Kilgrammie.22 of us left the village square on a cool sunny morning and headed to Brunston Castle golf course with a path leading to Bargany House which is only open to the public on the month of May which is rather disappointing as there are many woodalnd walks to be found here. Our leader today was the lass frae Girvan who used to visit this area regularly in here earlier life and had a wealth of knowledge about previous owners and on the ways they managed the estate. The colours of the azelias at this time of year were superb and it is one of the plants that the estate is famed for.After a jovial lunch stop we headed up some tracks to join the Kilgrammie trail back to the village to end this most pleasant walk in South Ayrshire.Thanks to the lass frae Girvan for all the hard work she and her colleagues put into this walk to work out a safe route for the group.

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