Sunday, 11 August 2013

ADRC North Sannox to Lochranza. August 2013.

We had to use the ferry for today's walk.

22 of us on our own wee private bus.

This bouy appeared to be lost!

This lady thought we were going the wrong way.

Excellent paths along the shore.

We were rewarded with most wonderful scenery

which we all stopped to enjoy.

This guy is always waiting on the tourists to feed him.

Unfortunately we had a wee accident (see text)

The group at Laggan Cottage

The leader has to make an appearance
Yesterday ADRC held 3 walks on the beautiful Island of Arran off Scotland's west coast. After taking the ferry to Brodick the walkers were organised into groups for the different walks. I had the honour of leading my group of 22 walkers from North Sannox to Lochranza. As the buses were all very busy the driver asked a colleague to put on a special small bus to take  my group to the start at Sannox, so we had a wonderful journey on our own wee private bus. On arriving at the shore we walked along an excellent coastal path to Laggan Cottage which is owned by an author who uses it's remoteness to inspire his books. Lunch was taken here before we climbed up a fairly steep path to give us excellent views across the Firth of Clyde to Bute and the Cumbrae islands.Once on the summit the path crosses moorland and descends to Lochranza,it was at this point one of the walkers slipped and sustained a small gash to her head which required to be treated before we could carry on. We just happened today to have a young lady with us who runs her own first aid training company who assessed the casualty's injuries and applied the necessary bandages etc. to stem the flow of blood . The walker was able to carry on with the rest of the walk thanks to the sterling efforts of our first aider. Once in Lochranza it was a short wait for the bus back to Brodick and a lovely sail home on the ferry. Thanks to all who came along yesterday and I am pleased to report that our injured walker was checked out last night at Ayr hospital where a couple of staples were put in her wound and she was soon home in Patna enjoying a wee brandy after her traumatic ordeal. I hope this does not put her off coming out on any of my future walks, I promise to look after you dear if you do.Thanks to everyone involved in yesterday's walks but it is really all down to the organisational skills of our very own Madam Vice who puts in such a lot of time and effort to make these days run smoothly and efficiently.Thank you Madam.


  1. A great series of photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I knew where you were going having been told by a little birdie. How handy is that, having your own first aid training company with you.
    Looks like you had a great day Gordon.
    P.S Thanks for the info on the jellyfish.