Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cunninghame ramblers. Glasgow and The Necropolis. August 2013.

The lovely ornate gate at the entrance to the Necropolis.

Wee Willie Winkie was really a Glaswegian

The largest mausoleum

He is not the inventor of lager!! (see text)

Glasgow Cathedral.

Lunch under the arches.

Sheltering from a rain shower.

Today's large group

We were the walk leaders again today.

Today Tuesday August 27th Cunninghame Ramblers went to Glasgow for a wee ramble with a difference.26 of us met at Buchanan Street bus station where we split into two groups with one lot going with the teacher on a tour of the East end of Glasgow to visit the Tolbooth at Glasgow Cross,Duke Street jail complete with bullet holes on it's walls and the Panopticon music hall where the late famous Stan Laurel first performed. I took my group on a guided tour of the Necropolis which is one of the most famous cemetries in the UK. Many a famous name is commemorated in large sandstone monuments including the Barcle Curles of the Shipyard fame ,Alexander Stephen the famous engineers from Linthouse and one named Charles Tennant which two of our group decided he must be of the lager fame except it is spelt differently than that of the local brewery where they brew TENNENTS . Charles Tennant of St Rollox  was originally from Ayrshire and built up an empire from weaving. (Sorry to disappoint the lager louts amongst us). The two groups met at Glasgow Cathedral for lunch where the teacher then took my group on his walk and I took his into the Necropolis. Mid afternoon we reconvened at the bus station for our journey home except a few us discovered a local Weatherspoons watering hole so we were delayed for a wee while. Great day out with a difference and one that other walking groups may wish to consider for their members. Thanks to the teacher once again for all his help and assistance today.

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  1. Hi Gordon, you and the 'Teacher' are an intrepid pair. You've certainly opened new avenues to your groups. Keep up the good work.