Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cunninghame ramblers. Whitelees windfarm from Darvel. October 2013

Managed to find a spot for our 4 cars.

Making our way to Whitelees.

Entering the wind farm

Using a turbine as shelter from the wind

One of two disused quarries we past.

Women striding out

whilst the men try to keep up!

today's walkers

with a smiling leader.
Yesterday Saturday October 12 Cunninghame Ramblers left Irvine on a cloudy windy morning to travel to Darvel before turning onto an unclassified road that would eventually take us to a remote part of Whitelees Wind Farm. It was a tight squeeze to get the cars in before 17 of us made our way up a disused track that led up to the wind farm where our leader informed us is made up of 140 Km of roads and 250 working turbines making it one of the largest ones in Europe.The roads are in excellent condition which made the going very easy as we passed numerous turbines with their eerie noise coming from the blades as they sped round and round. Two disused quarries were located and with my back ground in this industry I was able to tell the group that well over one million tonnes of material must have been quarried to make all the roads in the farm. As we walked around the various roads we were treated to many fine views of Ayrshire with Arran in the distance. After 8 miles of fairly easy walking we arrived back at the start after a most enjoyable day with this friendly group. Thanks to the leader for organising the day and locating this alternative access to the wind farm.


  1. In the group picture the only person not smiling is grumpy towards the right in front of the jovial white haired guy. Try and cheer him up next time Gordon LOL

  2. Maybe I caught him at a bad time as he is normally very jovial.