Saturday, 21 December 2013

South Ayrshire Ramblers. Maybole circular 2013

Todays group

Madam Vice was our leader. This is a photo from an earlier walk as todays one did not come out very well.
South Ayrshire Ramblers met at Maybole baths on a wet Saturday morning for a 9 mile circular walk led today by Madam Vice. Well just as we got our gear on the rain arrived coupled with a strong driving wind made the first part of the walk wet ,dreich,miserable,cold and muddy but this was a hardy bunch of 24 of the groups finest ramblers and after about an hour the skies cleared to give us some reasonable weather to complete our walk. Apologies for the lack of photographs but there was no way the camera was coming out in the driving rain. As usual there will be a more professional "Utube" presentation  posted perhaps tomorrow or Monday and when I get the link from the composer I will publish it. Thanks must go to our leader today, Madam Vice for keeping everyones spirits up in the earlier part of the walk when perhaps one or two of the group might have given up or taken a shorter route she soldiered on until the skies cleared just as she predicted.

Click here for the "Dukes"Utube compilation


  1. Plus Lorna would have been slightly under dressed for yesterdays conditions.

  2. Aye Gordon, the weather wisnae the best wiz it. Ness Glen wiz wet (well it would be wouldn't it, the River Doon runs through it, silly heidtheba) an the only stars I saw wiz when a hit me heid on a branch. Merry Christmas pal.

    1. And a Merrry Blogging Christmas to you as well.