Monday, 28 April 2014

ADRC. Prestwick/Troon circular. April 2014

Todays group less 2 (see text)

My turn to be leader today
Yesterday Sunday April 27th I had the honour of leading ADRC on grade "C" walk from Prestwick to Troon and surrounding areas.Most of our members are away for the weekend in the Lake District so there was only  8 of us  at the shore car park, made up of a gentleman from Prestwick who is keen to join the group and a lady guest from Canada who was visiting Scotland , she explained in Canada she is a member of a rambling club called "Come Hike With Us" which is well worth a visit to their web page to see the comparisons with our own organisation. On a clear very pleasant warm sunny morning we made our way to Troon along the shore and through Fullarton Woods and this is where due to the nice weather I decided to extend the walk to Barrassie, well that is a leaders prerogative!Once we crossed over the Darley golf course we picked up the shore path back to Troon where we then had our lunch break,it was at this point one of our lady members excused herself but found the walk and the distance a wee bit far for her as she was very tired from her gardening efforts on a previous day and one other member also left at this juncture none other than the Kilmarnock Rocket who found the pace a wee bit too slow for his liking and was last seen power walking back to Prestwick. After our lunch stop we continued on a very pleasant walk along the shore back to our starting point. Apologies for lack of photos today but it is an area that I have photographed many times on previous walks and as I was leader I had the job of navigation on small parts which were not on my original walk plan.Great weather and good company made this another successful 10 mile outing.

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