Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outing to Scotland Street School museum with grandchildren. April 2014

Scotland Street School museum

The gymnasium

Our two at the "boys" door.

Meeting the fireman at Glasgow central

Wonderful interior of St Enochs shopping mall.

Entertaining the shoppers in Buchanan Street

Donald Dewar watches over Glasgow.
On Friday Anne and I took our two grandchildren on an educational day out to Glasgow to keep them entertained during their Easter school break. First of all we boarded the X77 bus to the city before getting on the subway to give them both a good old shoogle on the way to Scotland Street museum.The school was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and was fully functional up and till 1979,lots of the interior reminded us of our primary school days back in the 1950's much to the amusement of our grandkids. Back into the city on the subway we were entertained by several different acts performing in and around Buchanan Street shopping precinct before arriving back at the bus station so Anne could take the eldest one home to Perth and I took the other one home to Ayr, he slept most of the way so hopefully he enjoyed his day out with his Grandma and Pop.

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