Sunday, 29 June 2014

ADRC. Annual barbeque on Croy shore. June 2014

Some of the colours today in the

walled garden were at their best.

Algie on the fire pond made you think you could walk on water

Time for lunch and a chat.
Outside Culzean Castle.

Mr.&Mrs Chef.
Yesterday Saturday June 28 ADRC set off to Croy shore for their annual barbeque with Anne and I organising the day. 18 of us left Croy on a cool morning with a forecast that saidit would soon warm up  as we  made our way to Culzean Caslte for a short walk through the walled gardens  onto the swan pond. Sun had now broken through when I left the group with a deputy leader to make my way down to the Maidens to meet Anne who had the car with all the goodies packed in the boot.Once we arrived at Croy we put the tables out and lit the barbie to get the food cooked for the ramblers return.It was not long until we were all tucking into burgers with spicy chicken and salads. Much to the amusement of other people on the shore the smells were soon making them wish they were part of this jovial walking group. Again thanks to Anne for all her efforts preparing and par cooking the food at home without her it would not be possible for me to be the  walk leader and  head chef all on the same day.

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  1. Well done sir, you and your good lady are an honour to the catering profession.