Sunday, 1 June 2014

ADRC Muirkirk to Sorn on River Ayr way. May 2014

Nice to know we are welcome

Leader showing us todays route

Known locally as "Tibbys Brig"

Morning break on the path

Very picturesque on the river

All that is left from the open cast mining

Enjoying a water stop overlooking the river

This guys I.D. caused lots of discussion. (Common Sandpiper)

Todays leader in full sunshade outfit.
Yesterday ADRC met at Muirkirk to walk 13 miles along the River Ayr Way to Sorn. It was a glorious warm sunny morning as 10 of set off, depleted numbers today due to the fact that a lot of the members were in Glen Affric for a weeks walking holiday. Our leader today is an expert on wildlife so we were in for an exciting walk which stopped abruptly quite often as she spotted a bird or a beastie in the undergrowth telling everyone what it was and the type of habitat where it is normally found. The route took us through Airds Moss an area of special interest controlled by the RSPB.Here we saw several species of bird including Lapwing,Curlew,Oystercatcher,Twite,Swallow, Greywagtail,Pied wagtail,Buzzard and the one that had us foxed for a wee while was a common sandpiper  which was extremely vocal as we passed by. Several stops had to be taken today as the heat was quite intense so fluids were essential to stop anyone dehydrating. Arriving in Sorn those lucky enough not to be driving adjourned to the Sorn Inn for a wee swallie whilst the the drivers went back to Muirkirk to retrieve the cars. Thanks to our leader for a very informative walk it was so good of her to give us her time yesterday as she is flying to Iceland today on holiday and has not even packed yet. Have a nice break and look forward to seeing you again in the near future to hear all about glaciers and the cost of drink in Reykjavik.

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  1. That's a fine walk Gordon, I got as far as the car park once. Maybe I'll get round to walking it someday.