Thursday, 5 June 2014

Recce for Wigtownshire ramblers. Gordons famous 3 hill walk . June 2014

The wrecking crew.
Today I left Ayr in the company of the bear on the 6.40AM bus to Glenapp collecting the teacher in Girvan to meet up with Spike and the guy from Cairnryan whose nickname escapes me at present.On a day that the weather promised to improve we headed for Penderry Hill along a pleasant country track to a path that took us to the summit but also took us into the mist. The next part of the walk and other hills were all climbed in the mist which was extremely disappointing as the views are truly wonderful from the various summits. It was a wee bit wet underfoot as well so lets hope on Saturday when I lead the group that the mist will have disappeared to give us all a  good day out on the Glenapp Hills. Thanks to my fellow walkers today you are a hardy bunch completeing the route in record time and trusting my navigational skills when the going got a wee bit rough. See you all on Saturday I hope.

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  1. He's G.I.Joe Gordon. Looks like I've missed this walk. Hope it goes well. See you soon.