Sunday, 24 August 2014

ADRC Marathon walk from Girvan to Ayr. August 2014.

Full group leaving Girvan

First stop near to Turnberry.
Yesterday Saturday August 24th ADRC took the early morning bus from Ayr to Girvan for the annual marathon walk of 26 miles.With myself as leader 26 of us met at the railway station on a lovely warm sunny morning and after a small safety talk on marathon walking we were off on our way first of all past the golf course much to the amusement of the players who were queuing to play off the first tee.Soon out on the coast we followed the Ayrshire coastal path along the shore to Turnberry which was our first stop of the day. Suitably refreshed the next break was at Culzean Castle where seven of our group  had decided enough was enough and were collected by pre arranged transport. Down to nineteen it was off to Dunure along the Croy shore and up into the farmers fields, it was at this point we had a couple of small rain showeres which was a wee bit strange as it was lovely and sunny all around us with the exception of one dark cloud immediately above . It soon passed and we were treated to the most spectacular views of the Clyde and Arran from high up on the hills above the village.Dunure harbour was our next break for liquid refreshments as the going was to become a wee bit testing on the next few miles which had boulders ,soft sand and mountains of seaweed to navigate through. Once passed the Bracken Bay caravan site the going got a little easier underfoot but some of us were feeling a wee bit drained by now as we had completed 20 miles with another 6 still to go. We are a hardy bunch in ADRC unperturbed with sore feet we soldiered on with promise of lots of fine ale at the finish, it was this thought that certainly kept me going and I am sure a few of the others. The last 3 miles were along Ayr promenade which took us all to the finishing point at our local Wetherspoons (pub) where everyone enjoyed a well earned pint or three to replenish the sweat lost throughout the day, it is a proven fact that on this type of marathon most people will lose 4/5 pounds of their weight which was soon put back on with all the beer and food consumed. A wonderful day coupled with the fine weather made this the most memorable marathon I have had the honour of organising   for this rambling club. Thanks to all who took part in the marathon your company and banter made the pain and suffering all worthwhile.

Footnote. My good friend the "Duke" will later on today produce a utube of yesterday with lots of photos etc and  will post a link to his site later when I receive it.(hence the reason for a lack of photos on my blog)
The link is :


  1. Brilliant walk Gordon - much prefer doing it Girvan to Ayr and I especially enjoyed my beer at Wetherspoons! What a difference a good day makes too. Thanks for organising it and it was lovely to see you again Mags

  2. Brilliant walk yesterday Gordon - much prefer it from Girvan to Ayr especially when the end of it was the pub! Thoroughly enjoyed the walk, the weather and the company! Nice seeing you Gordon and thanks for organizing it Mags

  3. Well done Gordon. As usual your enthusiastic leadership seems to have come through.
    I'm not sure if I should make this next comment but here goes. It concerns the Duke's video. The pictures are fine, but it's too slow, there are too many different transitions and the music in this one is like a dirge. I hope these are constructive criticisms, I've had them myself.

    Keep up the good work.