Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cunninghame ramblers outing to Comrie in Perthshire. August 2014

Crossing the River Lednock into the village

Known locally as the white church.

The ayes to the left and naes to the right.

Entering the forest.

The first of many waterfalls.

Nice to see walkers and cyclists sharing the same path.

Lovely Perthshire scene.

Melville monument stands high above Comrie.

Looking down on the village.

Waiting for directions.

I just liked the different colours in this field.

The "B" group walkers.

Look no hands!

Our leader used to live in Comrie.

NB. That is a bell in her hand to keep us all in order(including me)
Yesterday Saturday August 30 Cunninghame ramblers set off on a long journey to Comrie in beautiful Perthshire. 28 of us assembled in a local car park to do a B and  C grade walk. 9 opted for the easier walk whilst the rest of us headed for the hills. Passing through the village it was nice to see the different sides in the forthcoming Scottish referendum  sharing the same park which tells the visitor this is truly a very friendly place. Passing through Fordie estate we soon climb onto the moorland with all its paths and roads to allow the grouse shooters access to their sport.The wind was quite strong at this height so we were not bothered by the local midges as we made our way to some standing stones left over from another era. The views were magnificent of all the Perthshire mountains with Loch Earn also visible in the distance.Lunch was taken on a lower slope which gave us some shelter from the wind before we walked to the Melville monument which stands gracefully on a hilltop keeping a watch over the local town and wonderful countryside. The sun had now made an appearance ,also the wind dropped giving us a very pleasant woodland walk back to the start. A great day out to an area not many of us had visited before,grateful thanks to the deerstalker for organising the two walks her attention to detail allowed everyone a very memorable walking experience in glorious Perthshire.

Footnote. We were again very fortunate to have the Duke with us yesterday and once he has produced his Utube slide show I will post the link here later.Click here for slideshow

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