Tuesday, 16 September 2014

South Ayrshire ramblers. Howood to Kilbarchan in Renfrewshire. September 2014

Meeting at Howood railway car park

Nobody wanted to pose on the bike.

What a fine morning for a walk

We decided the steps were for access to a signal box.

Nice to see Renfrewshire also has large potholes on the roads.

Again nobody was prepared to have a go on the ropes!

How not to cross a style

This wee guy came to greet at us in the village.

A rather fine example of a town centre church

An old bridge was put to good use

Did not see any newts on bikes today

Fine example of what can be achieved with a dis used railway line.

The foley on Kenmuir Hill near Howood.

Our small group

headed up by Mr and Mrs walk leaders.
First of all my apologies for a late posting but this was due to internet connections being down in the Alloway exchange for repairs.
On Saturday September 13 South Ayrshire ramblers met at the car park next to Howood railway station for a 9 mile walk along old railway lines to the village of Kilbarchan in Renfrewshire. There were only 11 of us on the walk as ADRC were away in Aviemore for the weekend thus depleting our numbers. On a warm misty morning we set off onto the line to Kilbarchan where our leaders had reccied a lovely woodland walk around the village giving us  an opportunity to enjoy the views coupled with local history of the area. After our lunch stop we retraced our steps to Howood with a visit to the foley that stands proud on Kenmuirhil. Several versions of why it was built in the first place were fully discussed without any real conclusions being reached. Arriving back at the cars the leaders were thanked for a very interesting varied walk to an area that a few of us had not visited before .

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