Sunday, 12 October 2014

South Ayrshire ramblers. Paisley to Glasgow via the Renfrew ferry. October 2014

Enjoying the sunshine

Glasgows answer  to the "Angel of the North"

Always a convenient stopping place.

Swing bridge opens to allow a boat through.

There was to be a parade today of old Glasgow buses

We were under the flight path several times today

Black Cart and White Cart rivers meet.

One of the many Glasgow dookits on this stretch.

Most of us got on for the concession fare.

Tea break amongst the autumn leaves

This bridge still opens today to allow small craft pass.

The White Cart viaduct on the M8

Titun crane at John Browns yard in Clydebank

Boarding the Renfrew ferry.
Todays group
Leader passing round the sweeties.
Yesterday South Ayrshire ramblers took the train to Paisley for a walk which was a wee bit different from our normal hill walks. 14 of us left the station to walk down Abbotsinch Road on a pleasant sunny morning past Glasgow airport to the swing bridge at Renfrew.. Here we took a path down the side of the river Cart to where it meets the Clyde at the famous John Browns shipyard complete with its massive Titan crane. Our leader explained the reason the yard was built here was so that the large liners when launched did not collide with the opposite side  but sailed into the river Cart.A good track goes along the side of the Clyde until you come to Yoker where we boarded the Renfrew ferry to take us over to the north bank. Now we ventured onto an old railway line that goes right through the centre of Scotstoun with  lots of beautifully constructed dookits built with many a bit of discarded corrugated sheeting. After a lunch stop the afternoon walk was full of facts of historical interest as we made our way to to the city along the banks of the Clyde. The riverside museum was an ideal stopping place before the last mile into the city centre to catch the train home to end a very interesting and unusual walk. Thanks to our leader whom I learned was originally a Paisley Buddie, her knowledge of the area made it a super day out.

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  1. What a cracking walk Gordon, there can't be much left of the south and west you haven't covered.
    I like it that the leader gets herself a sweetie first, must remember that.