Friday, 21 August 2015

ADRC .Recce for forthcoming marathon(26 miles). August 2015

Sloes are starting to ripen up ready for the gin in October

A very peaceful Dunure harbour

Dunure castle

A magnificent Culzean Castle.
In preparation for ARDC annual marathon on Sunday August 30 I decided I better recce the route in case of any gates being locked or areas being overgrown with nettles etc.Yesterday on a cloudy mild morning I set off from Doonfoot passed Greenan castle,Heads of Ayr,Bracken Bay,Dunure,Culzean Castle and finally into the Maidens.Most of the walk was relatively easy with some areas covered in bracken and nettles so I decided on the day of the marathon I will permit those walkers wearing long trousers to go in first and flatten the area to allow those of us in shorts a safe passage through.Only got to do the last bit to Girvan now and I will do that next week on a day the tide levels allow me past the cottages that are impassable at high tide.

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