Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Cunninghame ramblers.Whitelees wind farm near Eaglesham. September 2015

Todays walk

Gathering together in the sunshine
Turbines beside the loch
My attempt at a saltire with the passing planes
He aye gets his mug in somewhere

Refreshments at the viewing point

Excellent walking tracks today
Todays group at a covenanters monument
A well kent face in rambling circles.(our leader)
Today the last day of September saw 22 ramblers from Cunninghame group assemble at Whitelees wind farm just outside Eaglesham for a 9 mile walk around the turbines. On what must have been one of the best days we have had this year ,glorious sunshine ,high temperatures and no wind to speak of. Our leader explained our route in words of two syllables "lets go"as he was in no mood to give long speeches,  he had been roped in at the last minute, due to a walk leader having taken ill ,to provide a walk for today. Leaving the visitors centre we passed Lochgoin a stretch of water glistening in the bright sunlight before arriving at a viewing point where all the distant mountains could be identified. Lunch stop was at a covenanters memorial perched high up above the wind farm giving us some magnificent views of a distant Isle of Arran.Arriving back at the start the leader was applauded for arranging such fabulous weather for our walk as he is not renowned for arranging outings in such dry conditions. His real claim to fame is 9 wet walks in a row, well he excelled himself today and thank you also Mr leader for your photo contribution to this short bolg.

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