Saturday, 5 March 2011

Recce for ADRC Wanlockhead /Leadhills circular 5 March 2011

Today Saturday I went with a fellow rambler (actually he is the secretary of the group) to recce a future walk for the group. We started off from the village of Wanlockhead and climbed up some fairly steep paths to reach the summit of Lowther Hill 725M which is the one with the "Golf Ball" aerial on it used we believe to guide aircraft over our skies on their way to America etc.From here we crossed to Green Lowther hill which has lots of conventional type aerials perched on the summit. Here we met up with some walkers from the Glasgow branch of the Scottish Power walking group and after some pleasantries we let the live wires go on their weary way.From here we went down some paths until we came to the Franka Burn and followed its course down until we reached Lowther Cottage which is now the home of lots of Wood Pigeons. It was here we spotted the white hare and some black grouse on the moorland. As we finished lunch the sun tried to make an appearance we headed off over a very shoogly broken down bridge which will be fun to watch some of our fellow ramblers attempting to cross it.(if it is still there when we do the walk) As we then headed back towards Leadhills the map shows a disused lead mine but it will have to remain a wee mystery as we could not find it.At this point Skylarks started to sing all around us reminding us it is nearly Spring. Leadhills Golf Course came into view perhaps the residents do play on it but today the sheep were the only participants we could see. This then took us on to the Leadhills to Wanlockhead 2 ft  narrow gauge railway line. Some old rolling stock is still there along with the station platform. This line started out life in 1900 and carried refined lead to the Central belt of Scotalnd and beyond. It also carried passengers up until 1938 when it closed down along with the lead mines.We finished our 8 mile walk back at the village of Wanlockhead passing the old school and some tumbled down houses we also noted the pub is still trading to this day.Super walk and hopefully the next time the mist will lift at the top of the hills to give us some super views.
Older bloggers may remember signs like this.
Leaving Wanlockhead
Lots of mole traps like this were on the moor.
"The Remains"
A misty golf ball aerial.
Me in the snow at the golf ball.
We guessed it means "National Air Traffic Services"
No not an overgrown toadstool we think it is a ventillation shaft.
Lowther Cottage. (Requires a degree of modernisation!)
A lonely rambler at the shoogly bridge.
Some of the old railway rolling stock.
Home of the Leadhills "Open"
Leading into the station with its old signalbox.
Maybe the train gets "stuck" here.
This is where you can pan for gold at the visitors centre.

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  1. I love Wanlockhead and Leadhills,don't get over there enough.
    Swap the 'System' for 'Services' in NATS and you'll be right.
    You must be as fit as a fiddle now Gordon.
    See you soon