Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Travellers visit to Greenan Castle. May 2011

Greenan Castle

Rubbish on the site.

Why do they always leave a gas cylinder?

Admittedly some of them made an effort. Why did they not take it to a rubbish bin?
For the past two weeks we have had some of the travelling people camping at one of our local beauty spots namely Greenan Castle. Whilst I have no great  issue with this could they not clear up after they are ready to depart. In comparison last weekend was the annual Girvan Folk Festival and there was a derth of fly campers and caravanners using the harbour car parks as our local council in their wisdom thought we will increase our weekend official site costs and to rub salt in the wound charge an extra 25P if you wished to use hot water in their very basic portaloos.On Monday at the unofficial sites all litter etc had been removed by the folkies which is a true credit to them My point is could the travellers not do something similar and I am sure they would find that people would start to welcome them  to their communities.. One local in Girvan was heard to say roll on next year. (Unfortunately he owns a pub by the harbour so I think he may be a little bit biased)

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  1. Got to agree with your sentiments buddy.
    Maybe the pub owner could finance a clean up with his profits.