Saturday, 7 May 2011

News of an unwell blogger.

Those readers who log in at weekends to view the walks and who was out will have to be disappointed. I have a urinary infection and if someone tries to take the p-ss I will personally banjo them. It started during the week and I could not throw it off so on Friday I had to visit the doctor where my temperature was 103.In her opinion all caused by this urinary virus. Now I am on 6 paracetomal a day and 2 anti-biotics so if you shake me I will rattle.It completely drained me and my energy levels. For example yesterday morning I walked from Doonfoot to the town via the shore promenade a walk that normally takes me 45 minutes took me the best part of 2 hours as you all know who they are the old people sitting on the benches looking out to sea well yesterday I joined them.Same man went up Ben Lomond last week. Today I could have been walking in Arran and tomorrow I was supposed to be accompanying two of the brothers I was out with last week to 3 days in the Lake District with a walk up Helvellyn. That is now obviously cancelled under the circumstances.Hope everyone who walks with the groups I am associated with had a great time this weekend and watch this space I am only temporarily out the game and I will be back by next week. PS What do you do on a Saturday when you dont go out walking I personally cannot remember spending a Saturday at home?

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