Saturday, 4 June 2011

ADRC walk to Knockdolian Hill by Ballantrae plus barbeque June 2011

Who is the proud owner of those lovely legs?

On our way along the River Stinchar.

At the summit of Knockdolian.

Today's birthday boy.

Preparing the barbie.

Smoke gets in your eyes.

Walkers enjoying the fayre.

Sending smoke signals to the town of Ballantrae.

Too many cooks comes to mind.

Our Honourable Chairman with Madam Vice.

Happy ramblers at the end of a super day out.
Today is a short walk as we are having a barbeque on Ballantrae shore in the afternoon. I was privileged to be the walk leader and head chef all in one day. 21 walkers assembled at the shore car park and then made our way past Ardstinchar Castle on to the banks of the River Stinchar and up onto the road which took us to the start of the climb up Knockdolian Hill. At the summit I pointed out all the various places of interest which today included the Isle of Arran ,Mull of Kintyre, Ailsa Craig and in the other direction we could see the Galloway Hills including the Merrick.At this point I left the walkers in the capable hands of our Right Honourable Secretary (of the grapes fame) whilst I made my way down to get picked up in the  car by Anne and the Secs wife to be taken to Ballantrae to light the barbie and generally prepare the fayre for the walkers returning.The wind got up at this point which fanned the barbie and got it started fairly quickly. On went the burgers and chicken and the girls laid out the salads and drinks (non alchoholic of course) . Walkers arrived back and it was not long until they were all seated and munching into their lunch. The local constabulary passed in their van thinking we might be a bunch of youngsters having a bevvie on their patch. One look at the age profile and they were soon on their way to look for real law breakers.As the afternoon passed the sun came out and one of our group stripped down to her simmet which if you knew the said walker in question this is unheard of. In fact her husband was once heard saying she wears her underwear in the bath in case  she gets cold!!All the burgers and chicken were duly eaten and we started to make our way home to Ayr after a really good laugh aided by good food and banter. One walk that hopefully will be repeated next year and will become a regular event on our programme. My thanks must go to my kitchen staff today who helped prepare the salads etc and then cleared up the site at the end under my supervision of course.


  1. Well I certainly recognise the chef.
    I hope the burgers and chicken were well cooked.
    E coli and all that you know !

    A very enjoyable post.Looks like you got the weather as well.

  2. Gordon just a wee note to say a big thank you to you and your ladies for yesterday - I thoroughly enjoyed the walk - you always make them interesting with your wit and comments - and the BBQ was a perfect way to end a perfect day!!
    This is now the 4th comment I've written to post to you BUT before I get the chance to send them they seem to disappear - so I'm going to sign off and get this posted before it disappears too!!!
    See you soon
    Love Mags x