Friday, 3 June 2011

Cronies outing to Dumfries and Galloway June 2011

Today's transport.

Some of the cronies ready for the "off"

Somebody had to work today!

First port of call "The Globe Inn" Dumfries.

Setting the standard for the day.

Now we arrive in Castle Douglas.

As usual we find we find the best hostelries.

Boy Wonder and Robin.

Next stop was Kirkudbright.

The cronies don't always go to the pub.

Newton Stewart for a meal and a swallie. 

Three craws sat upon a wa
The annual outing of the cronies this year was to Dumfries and Galloway area. This was chosen after a lot of debate with Dunoon coming a close second. Maybe their turn next year that will give the locals a year to prepare. 57 of us assembled at 8.00 AM for breakfast which consisted of rolls and coffee. There was a wee swallie for those who wished to partake at that unearthly hour. Bus arrived and once the carry out was loaded into the luggage compartments the carry on was loaded onto the bus plus the cronies.A jovial run through South Ayrshire saw us arrive in the town of Dumfries in South West Scotland. The Globe Inn was located and we were given an insight into the early part of Robert Burn's drinking life. There is a seat in the Globe reserved for Rabbie and woebetide anyone who dares to sit on it.Once suitably refreshed off we went along the Solway coast through New Abbey and Dalbeattie until we arrived in Castle Douglas. The sun had now made an appearance when we were all issued with a goodie bag for lunch consisting of a couple of meat rolls and biscuits. The sight  of all 57 cronies sitting on the park benches kept the tourists amused as they had nowhere to sit.Again a light refreshment was enjoyed before we were on our bus for the short run to Kirkudbright which today was bathed in glorious sunshine so we went for a wee walk around the harbour area before we adjourned for afternoon cocktails in the local swaree. Some cronies found the local turf accountants but am pleased to say he is still in business after the donations gratefully received from the members. Now it was getting difficult to round them all up before we set off for the bonnie town of Newton Stewart and their local indoor bowling centre. A lovely meal had been laid on for us and was very much appreciated by all the cronies. The last of the carry oot was loaded onto the bus and off we set along the twisty roads heading for home trying to balance your glass and pour a wee something out of a bottle into it. Lots of minor accidents occurred but by this time no one was caring. As we arrived in Ayr a black bag was passed round and all the empties were put in and we left the bus the way we found it. The driver thanked us all as he had had a wonderful day out listening to the songs and stories over his sound system . A wee collection was made on his behalf and off he went back to his garage a very happy man. Great day out helped by the weather and the lovely scenery we passed through. Thanks to all the organisers and we are all looking forward to next year already.

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  1. It looks like a great day out was had by all.I was going to ask if you ever have guest cronies along,but with 57 of you I guess tickets are at a premium.
    It's been a while since I had a drink in Rabbie's favourite 'Howff'.

    "O Lord, since we have feasted thus,
    Which we so little merit,
    Let Meg now take away the flesh,
    And Jock bring in the spirit!"