Monday, 20 June 2011

Ayr to Girvan on the Ayrshire Coastal Path June 2011

Before flowering

In full bloom. What is it?

The majestic Heads of Ayr.

A farming rambler had to show me how to open this gate!

A lovely view of Dunure Harbour.

Main Street Dunure.

Council provide barbeques.

Then someone has to ruin it for others.

Croy Shore looking along to Culzean Castle.

Me at Culzean Castle.

Another nice white flowering bush. (not a rhodie)

Turnberry lighthouse.

One of the world's most famous golf holes.

I love a farmer with a sense of humour.

Dark clouds are looming.

Asda in Girvan. I needed more water.
On Saturday passed I got soaked and yesterday I got to the walk start near Ballantrae, the mist was down and the rain was on so I decided to give it a miss. Two soakings on consecutive days was not for me. So this morning the sky was blue ,sun was shining so onto the shore and head off to Dunure and probably further depending on the conditions. Passing the Heads of Ayr the usual peregrine falcon was doing its alarm calls and was none too pleased with my presence. Here I took a photo of a white weed which looked quite stunning in the early morning sun but I do not know what you call it. At Dunure Harbour I remembered a few years ago this was used in an episode of "Taggart" and some of the surrounding area was also used.ITV4 are doing lots of repeats at the moment it is bound to crop up again. On the hill by the castle the council have provided barbeques for all to use but no, some clown has to put his disposable one on the bench and set it on fire. I get so cross at these mindless acts of vandalism. Must be an age thing.On reaching Croy shore the tide was on the turn which made walking this stretch an absolute pleasure with lovely firm sand and all the seabirds for company. At Culzean Castle it was full of schoolkids on their outings and making far too much noise for an old man like me so I read the nature notes provided by the rangers and made a hasty retreat to the Maidens shore. Here I met a Wigtownshire rambling schoolteacher and his partner walking in the back entrance to the castle estate to avoid paying their admission money.TUT TUT.Lunch today was taken at Turnberry not the hotel I hasten to add on the shore near the lighthouse. Decided to carry on and make Girvan my last port of call. As the tide was now coming in quite fast at the seaweed factory I had to take to the tattie fields to get round this area. Now I was in the fields there was paths around the sides presumably to allow the machines to turn I decided this was the best route so I finished the walk by doing about 3 miles in this way finishing up at ASDA as it was quite a warm day I had run out of fluids so armed with a litre of fresh orange I headed off to the station having just missed a bus. This was not my original intention to walk all that distance (23Miles) but when the sun shines you have to make the most of it. Now at  home feeling a wee bit tired but will manage a couple of cans of beer before I fall asleep.


  1. Now I wonder who that rambler was ? If it's who I think it is,he's a lot on his plate at the moment.
    Well walked Gordon.
    I've a feeling you'll be attempting Lands End to John O' Groats before long.

  2. I've been asked to point out that the said teacher and his partner are National Trust members,and were trying out a new route.
    You're a devious,mischievous retiree Slew....keep it up.