Saturday, 18 June 2011

ADRC to Rig of Loch Enoch and Buchan Hill June 2011

Our start point was just passed the Merrick Hill route.

Double click to see my friendly toad.

Loch Valley

Loch Neldricken

Loch Enoch

The midgies were everywhere when we stopped.

Today's foolhardy group on the summit of Buchan Hill (493M)

Me at the Buchan Burn waterfall.

Galloway's own Niagra Falls.

Fine example of Butterwort (A carnvivorous plant)
Today ADRC were going to Beinn Narnairn near Arrochar for an "A" walk up this Munro.When we all met in Ayr it was decided that due the inclement weather conditions that it would be more advantageous to head South and hopefully find some sunshine. Today there was also a "C" grade walk so the masses went for the easier option and 4 of us headed off to the Galloways to do Rig of Loch Enoch and the Buchan Ridge with my old pal The Right Honourable Secretary as walk leader. On arriving at Bruce's Stone car park the weather was not too bad overhead so on with the gear and off we went first of all over the Buchan Burn which was in full spate after so much rain in the last two days.The climb up the Gairland Burn was extremely wet underfoot but we all thought once we gained some height things woud become easier. How wrong can one be I ask myself! Passing  Loch Valley we paddled sorry walked to the next loch called Loch Neldricken which was very tranquil in the windless day so at this point the midgies decided to annoy and bite the walkers stupid enough to walk in these conditions.Next loch was Loch Arron and our walk leader told us it was spelt the same way as the Island we all know. Wonder what school he attended ? At Loch Enoch we stopped for lunch and the midgies descended so we then hurriedly put our sandwiches away and climbed up on the the ridge to see if we could get some Buchan breeze to blow the wee blighters away. Eventually we did find a spot with a light breeze so we tried again. Breeze disappeared so we gave this idea up and ate our lunch as we walked.Now we were on the Rig of Loch Enoch and we could look down on the lochs we had passed earlier on one side and the peaks of the Merrick on the other.Once on the top of Buchan Hill the serious rain came on and chased the midgies away and drowned us, well you cannot have it all ways.A serious descent took us  to the waterfalls at the Buchan Burn and we all agreed they were  spectacular and gave off a wonderful spray. We were soaked anyway so nobody was caring about getting a wee bit wetter. Back to the cars and lots of stripping off to put on some dry clothes. Only the dafties go out on a day like today, we all had a great time but it will take days to dry the boots out.


  1. Entertaining post Gordon.
    As well as the Buchan Burn,just over the braes the Glenhead waterfalls can also be quite spectacular.
    We too were Drookit yesterday Gordon.
    You beat me with the Butterwort right enough.
    Here's a typographical Scottish midge


    Look at those teeth.

  2. Gordon I've just posted a comment to you but god knows where it's went - I was just asking how your midgie bites were and to say thanks again for your wit and wisdom during the ramble. Had a lovely day in Rothesay and on way up to Wemyss Bay it was absolutely pouring and I thought Oh no not again! but it cleared up and the sun even managed to come out. I've just sent an email to Clarks shoes to complain about my boots - the label said they were waterproof but I just thought I'd tell them it was certainly not the case and could I please have my money back!!