Friday, 8 July 2011

Ayr Cronies summer barbeque July 2011

He always has a story to tell.

Plenty of drink but where is the food?

Does anyone know how to light the barbie.

These bowlers were put off their game by the barbie smells.

A wee touch of Carribean here.

This face has launched a few drinks!!

Our resident musicians.

We all felt like this at the end.
Yesterday was the annual summer barbeque for the Ayr Cronies Club. It was the usual day with lots of songs ,stories and jokes all told with the noisy hecklers in the room.The barbie was bangers and burgers supplied by a local butcher which were well washed down with the booze on offer. As always a great day ended with an early bath and lights out before 8.00PM!!

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