Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tall Ships at Greenock July 2011

Yesterday my brother from Ayr and our wifes visited Greenock to attend the Tall Ships event which was very well publicised in the press hence the reason the lack of pictures as the telly is full of it just now. We left Ayr by train to Paisley where we changed onto the line to Greenock. This was the best way to travel as we were warned that the parking facilities were very poor. Once we arrived, we walked all around the docks with its magnificent ships all festooned with flags of the varying nations. There were over 60 ships present along with the posers in their yachts presumably from the marinas further down the Clyde. We were invited guests of one of the sponsors which allowed us all into their marquee for food and refreshments. It was a very warm sunny day so we made full use of this facility visiting it many times throughout the day. Train home in the early evening to end a wonderful day which was well worth a visit.

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