Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Elite Walking Group Wanlockhead to Muirkirk.August 2011

Starting at Wanlockhead Museum.

These cairns help you to navigate the route.

A distant Lowther Hill golf ball.

These guys were really pleased to see us.

View of Spango Valley.

A commemerative plaque to the Covenanters.

Half way there!

The "Elite" walking group.
Someone suggested I must be on some kind of fitness drug at present because once you have read this blog and the other two I have published below  you may agree.On Tuesday 9 August this newly formed group left Ayr for Cumnock at 7.0AM to catch the bus to Sanquhar and then on to our starting point of Wanlockhead. This is a 20 mile hike over paths and moorland to the village of Muirkirk one walk the Kilmarnock Rocket and I had planned to do for some time. Leaving Wanlockhead behind we started out on the Southern Upland Way passing all the old lead mines on our way. This first part was mainly on forestry roads with only small amounts of climbing involved. Good speed was maintained here on a glorious windy sunny morning with Red Kites to keep us company along with various other forms of wildlife i.e. moles toads and clegs.Once we were over the Spango Bridge the paths changed to moorland tracks with some climbing involved. Serveral stone cairns have been erected to help you navigate this section as it has become a wee bit overgrown in places. Lunch was taken overlooking a lovely hill called Knockenshag which caused a wee bit of hilarity amongst some of the group, explanations as to how it got its name were kindly expressed by the rambling chemist.Next section took us to the half way point of our expedition and we joined another forestry track which once again  were able to increase our speed slightly.After about 5 miles we came to the foot of Stoney Hill an area we are all familiar with having done other walks in this area. Onto moorland again it was a wee bit wet and mucky underfoot but we made good time through this section until we could see Muirkirk in the distance and our finishing point, all downhill from here. Arriving in the village we worked out we had completed the 20 mile walk in 8 hours 25 minutes which is not bad considering the average age  of this group is 60 plus! Thanks must go the pilot whose navigational skills were tested and at  one point questioned by our group's colour co-ordinator. (The pilot was right.) Also the wee wumman from the broo who kept us going on sweets all day to maintain our sugar levels.Great day out with excellent company and banter to keep our minds off the wee bits of pain we all felt as we did this marathon.

In conclusion I have walked about 36 miles over the three walks with ascents totalling in the region of 2000Metres or 6500ft completed in two days. Thanks to all who assisted me in  all of the expeditions

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